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About Monarch Refuge
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Unique to Monarch Refuge
This is a very special place, Monarch Refuge is located on a registered butterfly garden where we have the privilege to enjoy our visiting friends and witness their miracle of transformation frequently throughout the year. From caterpillar, to chrysalis, to wings that fly, mindfully placed art in our home is used as a reminder to invoke this metaphor daily, inspiring our own transformations.  

Health & Well-being
We are a non-smoking household that is focused on health and well-being via natural & organic lifestyle choices. Research has shown that sobriety will be more successful if one also quits smoking and using tobacco.  The nicotine in tobacco stimulates the brain in a way that makes cravings and relapses of any drug addiction more likely. Therefore, in the spirit of a healthy mind and body and for a more durable sobriety, smoking or tobacco use is not allow on the property, and we are happy to connect and support any interested potential resident with smoking cessation resources if needed.  

We are very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful organic gardens, all residents are encouraged to participate and to enjoy our large permaculture gardens and food forest where most of the year we can enjoy organic salads and green smoothies and other seasonal treats. The home has a fully appointed gourmet kitchen, residents provide their own food and prepare their own meals. Alternatively, they may also choose to coordinate and share meals family-style with their fellow housemates.  

Providing the healthiest of homes, the house was recently remodeled with natural finishes of travertine stone, marble, solid hardwood floors and zero VOC paints. As part of our natural lifestyle, We filter our water and use BlueAir HEPA air filtration to minimize toxins, dust and allergens. Abundant houseplants are used not only for their beauty, and jungle-like ambiance, but ’NASA researched’ houseplants are used in each room to naturally help clean the air. Household chores are shared, and natural cleaning products and methods are used and taught to the residents to keep our home clean, green and fresh.

About Our Founder
Monarch Refuge’s “House Mom” Robin, who lives in the home, is a retired Physician of Integrative & Family Medicine who is now an empty-nester, so She has opened Her family’s newly remodeled home, to the service of providing a very special and unique environment to support a safe and healthy lifestyle for those in recovery.  This mission is driven due to the unfortunate loss of one of Her brothers to addiction, this has fueled her desire to share Her home with people in recovery.  Therefore, Robin is very passionate about prevention, natural health, and safety.

As a retired physician, it is important to note that Robin is no longer practicing medicine, and no therapy or treatment is provided on the premises. All residents must establish their own primary care physician, and be responsible for their own healthcare. For safety, Robin has all co-managers trained in First-aid, CPR, and how to recognize and respond to opioid overdose emergences, including training in administering the opioid rescue medication naloxone (aka Narcan). Under Good Samaritan policies, we have naloxone emergency kits located on each floor of the house.  

Happiness is a choice we aim to cultivate
Here at Monarch Refuge, we believe that happiness is a choice, so part of our mission is to embrace each resident with the tradition of “Hygge”, the art of happiness, warmth and coziness. “Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, this is a Danish concept that cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.” This is our goal while providing safety and belonging and companionship. So pour a cup of tea, curl up on a cozy couch, delight in a good book, and start enjoying life!

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