Monarch RefugeA Sober Living Environment For Women

Inside Views
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Welcome to Monarch Refuge
Come join our friendly and supportive extended family where safety, compassion, warmth and belonging is your refuge during your recovery journey.  

Located in beautiful coastal Orange County, California, less than one mile walk to the beach through greenbelts and local parks, guests can enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle with many opportunities for fitness and enjoying nature just steps from our front door. Bus lines and Summer beach trolly stops are located near by.  Shopping, restaurants, pharmacy, theater, entertainment, the Dana Point harbor, several beaches, state and county parks are all within about ~1 to 2 mile radius. Including numerous recovery meetings close by.

A Safe Modern Clean Home
The home is newly remodeled and furnished with many modern smart home features, set in a residential neighborhood of families, with a large yard, and one block away from the local park.  Household amenities include; high speed Wifi, flat screen TV, Premium digital content & movies, dishwasher, laundry facilities, security cameras and smart lights, outdoor BBQ and seating areas with large patio, and extensive vegetable and food garden.

Implementing best practices in sober living environments, the House owner and manager has certification in operating sober living housing and leadership training with the Sober Living Network. Including additional training in First aid, CPR and drug overdose emergencies.  Monarch Refuge has applied for membership, and complies with all recommendations of the Orange County Coalition of the Sober Living Network. All guest contributions are to be paid by guest or their guarantor, and no insurance money is accepted for payment of shared house fees. And no treatment or therapies are provided by Monarch Refuge.

Come co-create an intentional lifestyle of sobriety, companionship and accountability within a structured environment.

Expectations of Applicants
  • Follow the House Rules, (listed separately), there is a zero tolerance policy regarding violation of cardinal house rules.
  • Sobriety, prospective guests must have completed a minimum 30-days of treatment and sobriety.
  • No tobacco use, this is a non-smoking, and non-vaping facility, and tobacco product use is not allowed inside or outside the property. Excellent local tobacco cessation support services are available nearby if needed.
  • Commitment, We ask that guests plan to stay a minimum of 90 days in the household.  
  • Guests are encouraged to stay as long as they need and desire.
  • Attendence at outside AA based or similar recovery meetings are required. Many meetings are located nearby. There is a requirement of “90 meetings in 90 days”, and then 4 meetings per week after 90 days of sobriety.
  • Attendance at School, or out-patient treatment, or employment, or volunteer in a position is required.
  • There is curfew enforcement.
  • Household chores will be shared. 
  • Guests will provide their own food.
  • Guests are expected to follow our Good Neighbor Policy.
Household Camaraderie
  • All Guests will participate in mandatory weekly Resident Council meetings.
  • Periodic individual check-in time with the house manager.
  • Brief nightly evening group check-in and contemplative time.
  • Monthly family potluck & BBQ social events.
  • Guests are encouraged to organize for themselves group activities as desired to support each other; examples may include; shared meals, fitness, hikes, beach walks, field trips or volunteer community service activities.
Safety & Accountability
  • Safety checks of rooms, closets and lockers are done periodically.
  • Weekly urinalysis, and breathalyzer testing for accountability and sobriety assurance.  
  • Individual lockable safes are provided for storage of medications and personal belongings.
  • All guests should have had a recent physical by their primary physician with in 3 months prior to their arrival, and they should be able to take care of their own healthcare needs, including taking their medications as prescribed by their physician.
  • Some medications that have the potential for abuse are not allowed in the household, you may discuss these details individually with the house manager.
  • All medications shall be safely locked up in your locker at all times.
  • For the safety of the household, all guests should get their annual flu vaccination and be TB (tuberculosis) tested before you arrive.

All guests will always be treated with respect, compassion and dignity.  

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